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Accommodation Support


MEBS Global can provide a variety of housing solutions and tailor housing options to the specific requirements of our clients. An MEBS Global consultant conducts a detailed needs assessment with the relocating employee to gauge what housing solutions are required and MEBS provides support accordingly that meets those needs.

Temporary Accomodation

For many reasons travelers often find themselves in need of Temporary Accommodations. To address these needs many utilize hotels however this can lead to prolonged, cramped and costly stays. This can affect productivity and for the long term transferee can lead to rushed decisions on permanent housing.

MEBS Global provides temporary housing solutions that allow our clients to live comfortably through these periods and ensures ample time to conduct a proper home search. Our Temporary Accommodations are tailored to our clients’ needs, ranging from large, secured compounds to one bedroom apartments on short- and long-term leases. MEBS Global specializes in all forms of temporary housing to include single family homes, apartment homes and town homes.

MEBS Global also offers temporary accommodations in the event of natural disasters, lease terminations, and temporary relocations for short assignments. MEBS Global provides temporary accommodation assistance globally, specializing in countries with primitive infrastructures, socio-political instability, emerging economies, and difficult terrain.

Home Search

Perhaps the most important decision that a transferee can make is choosing a place to live. Many things can influence this decision, such as school district, proximity to and types of transportation, type of neighborhood, type of accommodation, and furnishings. Our established presence and experience with local real estate markets enables our staff to identify the best neighborhoods and properties. We are able to weed through the crowded real estate market and select only those properties that meet the specified requirements for location, size, quality, and budget. Available housing ranges from large, secured compounds to one-bedroom apartments on short- and long-term leases. Client satisfaction is our top priority and, as such, we continue searching until we are certain our clients are happy with their new accommodations.

Tenancy Management

MEBS Global takes the hassle out of renting or owning apartments, villas, or condominiums in a different country by making what can be a nightmare of unforeseen bureaucracy into a seamless and stress-free experience.

By sourcing a MEBS Global-managed property, simple tasks such as finding a gardener, cleaning services, and reliable utilities providers, are outsourced to an English-speaking team of experts who understand the local requirements, regulations, and processes in other countries. This enables the expat and their family to work more effectively while also maximizing the enjoyment of their home abroad.

MEBS Global’s Tenancy Management Services include the day-to-day management of estate, tenant/occupant communications, security, waste removal, grounds keeping, general maintenance and housekeeping and maid services. Expat tenants will benefit from reliable English-speaking staff members who understand the complexities of tenancy management as well as local regulations.

Excellent customer service is central to MEBS Global’s values. As such, MEBS Global’s staff is available 24/7 to respond to maintenance, utilities, and security emergencies. Only ever a phone call away, MEBS Global’s extensive list of pre-approved vendors and service providers ensure that issues are resolved quickly and to very high standards.

Furniture Rental

Whether moving across the region or to an entirely different country, transitioning to a new environment can be very stressful and time consuming.

Furniture rental is an attractive alternative for many individuals going through any of these transitions. Renting is much preferred compared to investing cash in a furniture purchase, especially when the need is short term. With MEBS Global’s furniture rental services, families need not feel disconnected from home just because their furniture and personal affects remain there. MEBS Global’s staff has access to local vendors who specialize in the provision of good-quality furnishings that conform to the standards expected by expat families. Our furnishings are an elegant expression of the expat’s own personal style and choices. High quality furniture, combined with impeccable service tailored to personal taste, characterize MEBS Global in its continuing drive toward 100% customer satisfaction.