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Fleet Management


MEBS provides a variety of flexible lease options for vehicles in the Middle East, Africa, and Southwest Asia. From sedans and SUVs to utility vans, trucks, armored vehicles, and heavy equipment, we can provide for all your vehicle needs.

Whether you need a vehicle for one week or one year, we can design a customized leasing plan to meet your requirements. We offer vehicles with daily, weekly, monthly, 6-month and 12-month lease options. In all locations, we deal directly with individuals and corporations, allowing us to offer the most affordable rates and best payment plans.

MEBS offers a comprehensive vehicle support program, including 24-hour accident assistance, 24-hour roadside assistance and replacement vehicles during routine maintenance. As part of our comprehensive service, we will also arrange and obtain local driver’s licenses and full insurance coverage.

When a leased vehicle requires service or repair, MEBS will manage all of the details and inconveniences, minimizing any disruption to our client’s work schedule. First, MEBS will coordinate a convenient time and location to collect the vehicle. MEBS will then provide a similar replacement vehicle for our client’s temporary use. Finally, when the servicing and repair is finished, MEBS will contact our client to schedule delivery of the vehicle.

Should a client be involved in an accident, MEBS offers 24-hour local assistance. After being notified of an accident, MEBS will send a local-language speaking employee along with a supervisor to the accident site. MEBS will then oversee and coordinate any interaction with local authorities in order to complete the necessary reports and documentation. A Temporary replacement vehicle will be provided until insurance issues are resolved and repairs are completed. In the event of injury, MEBS will provide and coordinate any support that may be required.