MEBS Global Reach

Trusted Solutions in Challenging Environments



We understand the time and commitment that is required to get the right products delivered to your door. Chasing suppliers can be a frustrating process. MEBS provides local, regional and international procurement support throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

By utilizing our international network of MEBS offices, our procurement agents are able to leverage our global presence to locally source the best quality merchandise at the most competitive rates. Our familiarity with local projects, technology and limitations allow us to offer advice on the most appropriate project materials and supplies as well as suggest alternative specifications, so that the project needs may be better met.

Because MEBS also offers cargo transportation and logistics management, clients enjoy a single point of contact for all procurement, shipping and documentation issues. Our cargo transportation and logistics management personnel ensure that all goods are delivered directly to the work site, regardless of remote or across-border location. Additionally our cargo tracking system provides secure, online item tracking ensuring clients know exactly when purchased items reach their destination.

As part of our procurement service, MEBS also offers a funding plan where clients source and select preferred products and vendors and MEBS takes care of settling vendor invoices.

MEBS has consistently proved to be a one-stop solution for clients’ procurement needs as our services are aimed at achieving an excellent level of speed sourcing, execution and delivery.