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Staffing Solutions


Whether in need of laborers, linguists, administrators, warehouse or shipping clerks, MEBS can provide both skilled and unskilled staffing solutions for a variety of projects. MEBS also offers a comprehensive staff-assistance program, as well as customized, staff-management packages designed to provide employees full local support.

Whatever the scope, nature or length of your project, MEBS can provide the right staffing solution. We match skilled and unskilled staff to DOD, governmental and non-governmental projects throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Whenever possible, we source from within our own labor pool. We also recruit and provide project-specific expertise from across the globe, depending on your specific needs.

Our manpower team ensures that client requirements are met by locating appropriately qualified and experienced candidates resulting in highly productive and effective work forces. Our established presence provides us broad reach when recruiting staff, and ensures access to a wide and talented labor pool. MEBS staffing professionals will work together to locate the most appropriate personnel, and then coordinate relocating them, if necessary, to your project location. Our permanent staff is multilingual and multicultural, enabling us to cross cultural barriers when conducting interviewing and screening.

Our staffing solutions include: laborers, administrative and professional staff, shipping and receiving clerks, forklift operators, warehousemen, translators and linguists, computer technicians and security cleared personnel.

In all cases, MEBS will ensure that personnel are properly documented. When third-country nationals are employed, MEBS will ensure the workforce has proper sponsorship and work permits. MEBS will also provide and coordinate transportation and housing for third-party nationals.

MEBS applies the highest ethical business practices both in the recruitment and management of our personnel. All employees are treated in high regard and great care is taken in cultivating a respectful environment that emphasizes: equal treatment, safe working conditions, clean comfortable housing, clearly defined job expectations, incentive programs and open door to management to express grievances. Our greatest asset is our personnel and we provide conditions in which they can thrive.

Our manpower recruitment services are aimed at the highest quality and quickest response time for our vast client base. By following streamlined recruitment processes, MEBS minimizes clients’ manpower recruitment and selection cost.