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Moving anywhere presents challenges but assimilating into a new environment half-way across the globe is especially challenging and best done with assistance. MEBS Global’s comprehensive settling-in services ease the transition for the employee and entire family so the focus can quickly become the assignment, not the hardship of relocation.

Establishment of Utilities

After finding a place to live, prompt and proper set-up and establishment of utilities is often one of the most pressing issues facing a newly relocated expat. However, unfamiliarity with local company processes and procedures can easily turn this into a frustrating and overwhelming process. To prevent this, MEBS Global takes on the responsibility for ensuring that all required utilities are properly set up and established, to include water and electricity, heating, cable/satellite TV, Internet, local phone lines and more. MEBS Global can also assist in the facilitation of utility bill payments.

Local Driver’s License

MEBS Global can assist transferees with obtaining a local driver’s license, including scheduling the driving test, filling out forms, obtaining eye exams, translation of the transferee’s current driver’s license to the local language, transportation to/from the driving test, and arranging for driver’s education classes as required.

Auto Purchase and Auto Lease Assistance

Finding a vehicle to suit individual and family requirements can be frustrating in a foreign country. MEBS Global provides a variety of flexible lease options and offers vehicles with daily, weekly, monthly, 6-month and 12-month lease options. Our long-standing relationships with local companies ensure affordable rates and payment plans, and MEBS Global representatives are on-hand to assist with negotiations at any point in the purchasing or leasing process. MEBS Global will also assist with all forms and paperwork, as needed. We also offer a comprehensive vehicle-support program including 24-hour accident and roadside assistance and replacement vehicles during routine maintenance.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration rules and regulations vary from country to country. MEBS Global’s knowledge of country-specific procedures can be invaluable to transferees who require assistance in navigating the often-frustrating process of registering a vehicle. From filling out forms to registering documents at the appropriate ministries, MEBS Global’s assistance will make vehicle registration a hassle-free process.

Assistance Procuring Furniture and Household goods

MEBS Global can help furnish a new apartment, house, or condominium to fit any client’s taste, style, and budget. Our knowledgeable in-country staff makes the process quick and seamless. In consultation with the clients, MEBS Global selects furniture that fits the requirements of relocating families. Once the selection is made, MEBS Global ensures each item is scheduled for delivery at a time convenient for the client; often prior to their arrival. In addition, furniture can be arranged in the selected home according to the client’s wishes. MEBS Global wants each client to feel welcome the moment they walk through the doors to their home away from home.

Domestic Staffing

Worrying about household chores should be the last thing on the mind of a newly relocated employee. For many years, MEBS Global has provided domestic assistance as part of our corporate-housing solutions offering. We provide assistance in the sourcing and employment of a variety of domestic staffing solutions in order to meet our clients’ individual needs. MEBS Global has strong relationships with a number of established international manpower providers as well as local placement companies. The domestic help we provide is reliable, trustworthy, experienced and arranged through vetted and bonded service providers

MEBS Global takes care of the initial interview in order to weed out those not suitable for the position. Multiple applicants are then suggested to the expat family during the final interview phase. Once an expat and their family decide on the applicant, the visa and paperwork associated with that applicant is handled by MEBS Global, making the process of finding domestic help as hassle-free as possible.