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Departure Services


MEBS Global’s Departure Services are designed to meet the specific needs of our departing clients. As critical as it is to secure a stress-free beginning to a new life in a new country, it is equally important to ensure everything is in place for the departure. MEBS Global’s aim is to allow departing clients and their families the freedom to plan and look forward to the next relocation, and maximize their last few weeks in-country without the worry and hassles associated with leaving. MEBS Global works closely with spouses and family members to handle the personal details that often make the difference between a happy and an unhappy departure and relocation.

These services include accommodations walk-through, security deposit refunding, utility disconnections, household good shipments, mail redirection, and any cancellations and terminations required, such as visa/work permits, club memberships, temporary hotel accommodation and vehicle rental amongst others. Moving house is a time consuming process, involving a multitude of administrative tasks. With MEBS Global managing the entire process, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly, nothing is forgotten and the departing client can focus on their return home.