MEBS Global Reach

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Global Support

Since 2003 MEBS Global Support has been providing in-country support to companies, government, and non-government agencies working in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Starting a new contract, establishing an overseas office, relocating and accommodating expat staff can be enormously challenging. Cultural and language barriers as well as heightened threat levels can slow or inhibit progress. The support services and local assistance offered by MEBS International help alleviate these problems.

MEBS Global Support recognizes that hiring the right people is paramount. We understand proper communication, attention to detail, and following ethical business practices are critically important when working with a service provider in a demanding, sometimes chaotic environment. With over 400 employees in 12 countries, MEBS Global Support adheres to the highest standards when vetting and hiring staff.

We provide continuous training, constant interaction with the regional and corporate MEBS Global offices, and conduct regular performance reviews. MEBS Global corporate culture exists in all MEBS Global employees and is reflected in our services whether you’re leasing an apartment, hiring staff, or constructing a camp. Our knowledge of regional business procedures, understanding of local customs, and professional, highly trained staff combine to provide a very potent and efficient solution. MEBS Global Support provides a variety of highly effective and customized support services and truly understands what our clients want and their expectations.