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MEBS understands the stress involved in relocating to a foreign country and offers Welcoming Services to help ease the transition not just for individuals but for the entire family.

Pre Assignment Counseling

Prior to embarking on an overseas assignment, employees need quality resources in order to make informed decisions about their transition and time abroad. The most effective way of ensuring that prospective transferees have adequate information is to conduct a well-planned pre-assignment visit. Termed the ‘pre-decision’ phase, it can be likened to an assignment due-diligence procedure including a careful assessment of all aspects associated with the proposed posting.

MEBS Global offers pre-assignment counseling for prospective transferees. During the counseling session, MEBS Global’s knowledgeable and experienced staff will offer an overview of issues in the new environment, including but not limited to lifestyle, culture, norms, customs, laws and regulations, visas, transportation, housing, and any other areas of interest a transferee may have. MEBS Global can answer any other questions the transferee may have about life in the host country. The MEBS Global Pre-assignment Visit allows for an interactive, on-site, and realistic understanding of what living and working in a new country will be like and fully prepares the expat family for the forthcoming move.

Airport Meet and Greet

Airports are busy, often chaotic, and unpredictable places. While this can be exciting and part of the travel experience for the tourist, it can be a stressful experience for the business traveler.

MEBS Global’s Meet and Greet services reduce the stress of arriving in an unfamiliar location by offering our clients’ assistance from arrival in-country to their end destination. Whatever type of service and support is required, MEBS Global will make sure every traveler is quickly identified and guided through all formalities. Clients are received, fast tracked through immigration, and escorted through to baggage claim and arrivals by our hospitable staff.

Once clear of the airport, MEBS Global’s clients will benefit from our driver’s understanding of the itinerary, awareness of local traffic conditions, and intimate knowledge of the country. This ensures our clients arrive at the right time, the right place, and in the right frame of mind to succeed.

Area Orientation Tours

Once an expat has accepted a position in another country they generally find that enjoying life abroad means experiencing the cultural aspects of the new location. MEBS Global’s area orientation tours are a great introduction to an expat’s new location. Even with an initial preview trip providing a broad picture of the new location, the area orientation tour is more detailed and targeted to the areas in which the expat is likely to frequent or live. MEBS Global’s area orientation tours consist of area information on topics such as housing, schooling, public transportation, healthcare facilities, recreational, postal, banking, social clubs, cultural activities, etc.

Showing the expat how to move around the city easily and safely as they visit neighborhoods and explore new communities carries benefits both to the expat and to their employer. MEBS Global’s local staff is well-informed, amiable, and ready to answer any question concerning the area so that the expat can make an informed decision about living and working in their new environment. While every orientation tour is different depending on the requirement, the result is an informative and insightful initial experience, preparing the client for life in a new country.