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Translation & Interpreter services


When going abroad to work or live, the last thing an expat needs is miscommunication. MEBS Global provides translation and interpretation services for legal, corporate, medical, and government meetings on-site or on the move to help combat often complex consequences. Expert linguists deliver exact translations that are culturally accurate and preserve the fundamental meaning of the spoken and written word. Each interpreter is an expert in both English and the target language, experienced in the industry. MEBS Global aims to provide a quality experience when the need for interpretation and/or translation arises; matching the interpreter to client by age, gender, religion, and cultural background, where possible. Interpreters are also available by telephone depending on the location and type of business to be conducted. MEBS Global’s Translation and Interpretation Services translate anything from legal documents to websites and written informal conversation. Offering mobility on the basis of language, MEBS Global’s Translation and Interpretation Services avoids miscommunication in both the business and domestic realms.